Covid-19 Closing

The church office will be closed until further notice. All church and school activities are canceled. If you would like to be added to our email list for updates. Please email the church office at:

Here are some helpful links:

Facebook - - the service will go live here at 10:00AM - This is the only place to engage with the service live, warts and all. 

YouTube - - The video of the service will be posted here Sunday afternoon.

Podcast - - Service audio will be posted here as per usual.

Pastor John's Movie List



Can’t recommend because of violence, language, etc.  An “*” means it is TOTALLY safe!

Mentoring, leadership and warfare:

*Star Wars (original trilogy)

Jeremiah Johnson

Sergeant York

Open Range

The Patriot

The Untouchables

The Man From Snowy River


October Sky

Apollo 13

The Seven Samurai (original w/ subtitles) or The Magnificent Seven (Yul Brynner)

Hunt For Red October


Moral Values and Spirituality:

*Sense and Sensibility

*Pride and Prejudice

*Chariots of Fire

*Searching for Bobby Fisher

The Mission

The Truman Show

The Majestic


The Matrix (#1)

Fun or Fantasy films:

*Darby O'Gill and the Little People  (Sean Connery’s 1st?)

*Jason and the Argonauts      (cheesy)

*Seventh Voyage of Sinbad  (cheesy)

*The Neverending Story

That Thing You Do

The Sandlot

Conspiracy Theory


Jurassic Park (#1)

Independence Day

Men in Black (#1)

The Sixth Sense

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Back to the Future (# 1 & 3)

Pirates of the Caribbean

The Princess Bride

UHF  (Weird Al)

Star Trek:  The Voyage Home (#4)

Father of the Bride (#1)

Return to Me

What About Bob?

Spaced Invaders

Addam’s Family (#1) Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Everyone is welcome at Harmony!

Come as you are and join with us as we raise our voices in song. Be challenged and uplifted as we study God’s word and learn how to apply Christ’s teachings to our lives. Whether you bring your own family or you want to adopt ours, come be a part of Harmony’s family.


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March 16 - April 13, 2020 - HCS Closed